Under compartment girders it is possible to assign holes to a cabinet for the specialist beams on the sides or shelves (for safety holes). The assignment is always made segment by segment.

Drilling Patterns - Specialist Carriers - ElementsWiki

The two fields Edge Bottom and Edge Top make it possible to specify the minimum distance between the first and last holes in a row of holes. A grid must be defined in this segment in the cabinet. For the row of holes, a drilling pattern with only one hole on top of each other should then be used, as this is then inserted repeatedly at grid spacing.

For example, in the cabinet, a value of 2*32 in the shelf number field generates two shelves and a row of holes running over the entire segment at a distance of 32mm. If you now enter 100mm in edge bottom , the first hole is only created at 128mm.

Drill patterns for trays must be created in pairs and with the same name in the folders …\Elements\Drill Images\Fachtraeger_Flaeche and \Fachtraeger_Stirn. The files from \Fachtraeger_Stirn are displayed in the ElementsCAD drill pattern dialog.