Under connectors , it is possible to assign cabinet cabinet connectors of the sides of the body as well as the middle sides. The assignment is always based on the soils from the lower soil via the intermediate floors to the upper soil.Drilling Patterns - Connectors - ElementsWiki

Drilling Patterns - Connectors - ElementsWiki

Here using the example of the upper floor, the assignment for the left connector of the floor (to the carcass side) can be set with the first button in the upper left corner. Accordingly, the button to the right applies to the connector of the bottom to the right side of the carcass. The procedure is analogous for the intermediate floors.

This is followed by an area for the middle sides starting with MS 1 (if any). The button also determines the connector between the middle side and the respective floor.

With the checkbox, the connector can be mirrored in the direction of the component axis. Here on the example this influences the location of the eccenter so that it is accessible from above or below.

Drill patterns for connectors must be created in pairs and with the same name in the folders …\Elements\Drill Patterns\Verbinder_Flaeche and \Verbinder_Stirn. The files from \Verbinder_Stirn are displayed in the ElementsCAD drill pattern dialog.