In the “Drilling Patterns” dialog, it is possible to assign drilling patterns to the components of a cabinet. These are then displayed in the drawing and also transferred to the CAM software ElementsCAM, which is available for Windows, using the ExportCAM command.

The available drill patterns, defined in files and organized into folders, are listed in a list in the respective tabs on the right. Self-created drilling patterns can be made available via subfolders such as “own drilling patterns”. All drill pattern files are created in ElementsCAM.

Drill Pattern Definition

The drilling patterns are defined in .tcldx files that can be displayed and modified with ElementsCAM. These can be found in the user directory of ElementsCAM, by default under


Drill Pattern Selection

The drill patterns for the assignment are selected via the selection list on the far right of the dialog. The assignment itself is done by clicking on the corresponding button in the middle part of the dialog.

Possible settings