The Menu command Create Row Cabinet creates a row cabinet from one or more cabinets. A single one is divided horizontally (on the intermediate bottoms) or vertically (on the middle sides). In the case of several adjacent cabinets, the adjacent parts such as sides or floors are combined.

In the 2D Plan view, the row cabinet is displayed with two green auxiliary points. A mouse click activates the row cabinet and displays its parameters in the info palette. In a 3D view, each cabinet in the center is marked with a green auxiliary point. In addition, the row cabinet can also be activated via a green line in the center of the base (base).

Options (buttons) of the row cabinet

Configuring the row cabinet

A dialog allows two important settings for the row cabinet.

  • By clicking with the mouse on the intersections of pages/middle sides and floors, a graphic makes it possible to adjust the corner formation or whether the floor or the page passes through.
  • Halve adjacent components: The row cabinet parameters of the cabinets involved are set in such a way that the thickness of adjacent components is halved, so that the desired thickness results when combined. This applies to the left and right sides for adjacent cabinets and the upper and lower floors for superimposed cabinets

Update row cabinet

Redraws the row cabinet and all underlying cabinets.

Activate cabinets

Deactivates the row cabinet and activates the underlying cabinets so that they can be processed together, for example.

Add/Remove Cabinet

Allows subsequent addition/removal, provided that an adjacent cabinet meets the dimensional criteria.

Expand in-line cabinet

Allows the extension of the row cabinet with new cabinets on the left or above. A dialog allows the following settings:

  • Right: Attach on the right side of the row cabinet. The width of the cabinet is preset on the outside right.
  • Top: Attach above the row cabinet. The height of the top segment of the cabinet below (outside left) is preset.
  • Width or Height: The width or height of the cabinet to be attached, depending on the Right or Top attach mode
  • Running through the back wall for intermediate floors: In the case of the combined intermediate floors – consisting of the upper floor of the lower cabinet and the lower floor of the cabinet above – the parameters are set so that the rear wall does not pass through there, i.e. the intermediate floor does not pass through.
  • Running through the rear wall at the upper floor: The parameters of the cabinets in the top row of a row cabinet are set so that the rear wall passes through there, i.e. the upper floor does not pass through.
  • Groove depth: The desired groove depth of the parts dividing the back wall.
  • Create row cabinet: If this option is active, the added cabinet is included in the existing row cabinet. If there is no row cabinet because the dialog is called from the context menu of a single cabinet, one is created. If this option is deselected, only the cabinet is attached but not included.

Dissolve row cabinet

Extinguishes the smart row cabinet and displays the underlying cabinets.

Activate row cabinet

Activates underlying cabinets AND the row cabinet.

Focus row cabinet

Hides all objects except the active row cabinet at the drawing level so that only the row cabinet and the underlying cabinets are displayed.

Show all

Redisplays all objects on the drawing.


Displays this online help.