Lid protrusion

The field consists of four values for the protrusion of the lid on the left, right, front, and back sides

A value combination 30 15 15 0 would protrude the lid at the front by 30mm and left and right by 15mm and let the rear body flush.

Lid Object

Here the name of a symbol can be entered, which then appears on the lid. The position and dimension can then be set with the parameter Position and Dimension of the lid object.

Position and dimension of the lid object

Allows you to specify a position via coordination X and Y and the width of the symbol

  • Pos X – position in x direction (width) starting from the left side of the cabinet
  • Pos Y – position in the y direction (depth) starting from the front of the cabinet
  • Width – Dimension in the x-direction of the symbol. This is scaled symmetrically in all three dimensions with the same factor.

Cover Bar Height / Thickness

Here, the height and thickness of the cover bar can be set with two consecutive values. It is drawn on the lid at the back edge and in the width of the lid