Base height

The height of the base up to the lower edge of the lower floor. The base height is included in the total height.

Base position

If the socket type has a foot or symbol set. Can the positions at which a footer is inserted be specified here.

The possible positions are values or compound values from the characters Links, Rechts, Vorne, Hinten and Mitte.

Example: Socket position L R V H (+M): L LM H HM

This combination creates feet on:

  • L: Left front and rear
  • LM: Left Center
  • H: Rear right and left (where left would already be covered by L )
  • HM: Rear center

Socket Bounce Back

The field is composed of four values for the return of the base left, right, front and back perpendicular to the outside of the body.

For example, if the first value is 30mm, the bases at the left positions (L or LV, LH and LM) are indented by 30mm from the left side of the body.

Socket Thickness

The field consists of four values for the thickness of the base or aperture left, right, front and back.

For example, if the first value (left) is 90mm, and the third value (front) is 60mm. Thus, one foot at the left front position will be 90mm wide and 60mm deep. An aperture at the front would be 60mm thick.