Installation ElementsCAD

ElementsCAD is a plug-in for the CAD program Vectorworks.
It includes an interface for the direct export of geometries from ElementsCAD to ElementsCAM for the automatic generation of CNC programs for all common machines.
ElementsCAD includes the output of wooden lists in CSV format. These files can be further processed with industry programs or calculation programs such as Excel or LibreOffice.


The current system requirements can be found on our homepage:


Log in to our shop and download the latest version of ElementsCAD. Please pay attention to the correct operating system. Translatiuon Test

Installation ElementsCAD - ElementsWiki


Unzip the downloaded installer for ElementsCAD and start the setup.

  1. First, select the desired language of the setup.
  2. Then select your Vectorworks version if there are multiple Vectorworks installations on your computer.
    Note: Regardless of your Vectorworks installation, the latest version of ElementsCAD is always installed, for example ElementsCAD 2022 for Vectorworks 2018.
Installation ElementsCAD - ElementsWiki
  1. Now select the directory of your Vectorworks installation.
    this directory is normally \program files\vectorworks 20xx
  2. Finally, select the desired installation.
    Hint: The German/English version installs ElementsCAD for an English Vectorworks version. This version includes various plug-ins as well as a working environment that allows a partial translation of the version or the menu commands.
  3. Complete the setup.

Setup ElementsCAD

Then start Vectorworks.

Select the desired ElementsCAD work environment from the “Tools >Workspaces” or “Tools > Workspaces” menu.

Installation ElementsCAD - ElementsWiki
Working environment in the German version
Installation ElementsCAD - ElementsWiki
Working environment in the English version

The ElementsCAD is now fully set up.
Also note the Elements Preset file. This file is located in the drop-down list in the “File > New > Copy of Preset” menu.

Installation ElementsCAD - ElementsWiki